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There are two ways to remove an "account dispute comment" from a borrower's file.  Some credit vendors will claim that they can remove the dispute comments instantly, but they are only "hiding" the comments from the face of their reports.  The only ways to remove dispute comments at credit bureau level are as follows:

1.  The first way is for the borrower to contact the bureaus directly and request the dispute to be removed.  This can take up to 30 days or more to complete. 

  • The easiest way to do this is to request their credit report directly from the bureau(s) and submit an on-line dispute at www.annual credit report.com requesting specifically to remove the dispute. 
  • The other way to do this is to contact the bureaus by telephone and follow the instructions on the voice mail response system, or contact them by mail.  The contact information for the three national credit bureaus are available on their respective websites. 

2.  The quickest way, as of now, is for the borrower to obtain a letter from the creditor or collection agency (make sure the letter is from the same entity reporting it to the bureau(s) stating specifically that the dispute has been deleted.  We can process this directly with the bureaus as a "re-score" in 3 business days. 

  • This method is submitted by us directly to the credit bureaus via our rapid rescore program, and therefore has rigid guidelines that cannot be deviated from:
    • Letter must be from creditor reporting information
    • Must be on company letterhead
    • Must contain an account number
    • Must be dated after the last time creditor reported information to bureau
    • Cannot be hand-written
    • Must come from a person (not a department) and have a phone number
  • The cost of this will be $50.00 per trade line, per bureau
  • If a creditor is non-cooperative about furnishing a letter requesting removal of a dispute statement on a borrower’s credit report, then the borrower must handle with the credit bureau(s) in question directly.